Who is a Member?
Cinephiles, movie lovers, and film fans who want to take advantage of the Film Society’s unparalleled programming and be a part of the nation’s premier film exhibition organization.

Who is a Patron?
Patrons are supporters of the arts who are able to contribute to and support the Film Society in a more substantial way, receiving greater access to the programs and special events Film Society presents year-round. A Film Society patronage starts at $1,000.

Who is a New Wave Member?
Young film lovers, film industry associates, art supporters eager to sit in on engaging conversation with top actors about their craft, meet influential directors and executives in the entertainment industry and beyond.

What are the different Membership levels?
        •     Student $35 (Must have a valid student ID)
        •     Film Lover $75 (Dual Membership not available)
        •     Cinephile $175 (Dual Membership $275)
        •     Film Icon $350  (Dual Membership $550)

What are the different Patronage levels?
        •     Supporter $1,000
        •     Partner $3,000
        •     Benefactor $5,000
        •     Chairman’s Circle $10,000
        •     Leadership Circle $15,000
        •     Premiere Circle $25,000

What are the different New Wave levels?
        •     New Wave Individual $300
        •     New Wave Duo $500
        •     New Wave Supporter $1,000
        •     New Wave Partner $3,000
        •     New Wave Benefactor $5,000
        •     New Wave Chairman’s Circle $10,000

What do I get when I become a Member, Patron or New Waver?
There are a number of great benefits offered in each level of membership or patronage. For a full list of these benefits visit the pages for our Members, Patrons and New Wave programs.

What is the Member/Patron/New Wave ticket price?
        •     Members/Patrons/New Wave: $8
        •     Seniors: $9
        •     General Admission: $13

Are these prices valid for both the Walter Reade Theater and the new Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center?

Do I get access to priority ordering for NYFF and other festivals?
Yes, our Members and Patrons enjoy early access to tickets for the New York Film Festival, New Directors/New Films, and many of our other tent-pole series and festivals.

How do I become a Member or a Patron?
Easy! Click here (links to support homepage) to join today. To join in person, please fill out a brochure (available at any of our theaters) and return it to the box office or mail it to the address listed in the brochure.

Who do I contact if I want to become a Member or a Patron?
Member Program Coordinator, (212) 875-5620, members@filmlinc.com
Patron Program Coordinator, (212) 875-5668, patrons@filmlinc.com

I’m trying to renew my Membership online, but it says it doesn’t recognize my email address, even though I receive weekly FSLC emails and have purchased tickets online before. Why?
If you’ve never purchased a Membership online before, you’ll need to register with the online Membership store, which is separate from our online ticketing system. Click “Register” and fill out the information fields to be able to renew online.

I haven’t received my Member/Patron card yet. Can I still use my benefits?
Yes, you can still take advantage of your benefits. Simply print out the email confirmation with your Member or Patron ID and present it at the box office.

I lost my Membership/Patron card. How do I get a new one?
To request a Membership replacement card, email members@filmlinc.com or call (212) 875-5620.
To request a Patron replacement card, email patrons@filmlinc.com or call (212) 875-5668.

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