Words of Mercury

Jerome Hiler | U.S. | 2011 | 25m
color | silent | 16mm, projected at 18 frames per second

Words of Mercury is, if nothing else, economical. It was shot on reversal film and is being screened as original. Its layers of superimpositions were all shot in the camera. Half of the many fades in the film were made by submerging the original film in a black liquid. The film is silent. The shooting ratio is low and there are areas which are unedited since taken from the camera. I generally shoot first and ask questions later, but Iā€™m struck at the influences that I see in Words of Mercury because they reach back to the very first times that I saw great 16mm films in the early Sixties: Marie Menken, Gregory Markopolous, Stan Brakhage and my lifetime companion Nathaniel Dorsky.ā€”Jerome Hiler

Screens as part of Jerome Hiler & Nathaniel Dorsky.

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