Jeannette Muñoz | Switzerland/Chile/Italy | 2011 | 21m 59s
color/b&w | silent | 16mm

Film shots and field recordings over the course of one month in a remote mountain village in Liguria.

Film shots and sound recordings are in fact two different dimensions of encountering the world, so different that they demand an exploration independent of each other.

I do not work with the illusion of the synchronisation of image and sound, but with the idea that these two dimensions do exist as realities independent of each other, and as such do in fact emerge in our consciousness.

The world in Villatalla is not showcased but simply lived. The few remaining inhabitants pursue the little remaining work. Social life happens in a beautiful slowness of the present.—Jeannette Muñoz

“What is it that happens when we have thoughts about things? Two things happen: there are things and there are thoughts. What’s the basis of their relation? Well, the thought that specifically occurs at that point is the means by which they are related, and that if there is no other body of reference, are we talking about a world? No, the world’s talking. Now, the question therefore becomes: If the world talks, if the world is articulate, and if, that is, nature thinks  - ... then it follows that nature thinks just as nature ‘mountains’ or nature ‘rivers’ or nature ‘planetises’, or what have you. These things are the same to all intents and purposes. In other words, there are new products every time there are thoughts, which creates the problem of ground.—Iain Hamilton Grant (Speculative Realism, Collapse III, page 344)

Screens as part of Aurand/Muñoz/Sami.

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