The Toy Sun

Ken Kobland | U.S. | 2011 | 33m
color | sound | DV

A rumination on Time, with a capital “T.” Time and its ravages, which really just means its progression, its nature. Set off by an “old” poem, a T.S. Eliot text that’s literally haunted me, for 30? or 40? years.

(It’s an old man’s rumblings, and it has never failed to move me, even before I became an old man myself... I used a passage in a film I made 25 years ago, and the book still calls to me from its place on the bookshelf, its pages yellow, dry as bone.)

Because it’s about time, it invites me back in time as well. So old images from my earlier films are layered in the movie. And then, in the sense that every film is an homage, other old friends are here, too ... the theatrical opening of Vertov’s movie-man, the scientist who sends the hero into past and future in Marker’s apocalypse, the absurd play of things that Magritte imagined, and the beautifully abstract, physical ‘puzzles’ of Matta-Clark... who cut up real buildings with a chainsaw.

So it’s me and these others, these other ‘friends,’ endlessly immersed in the past...while the small rooms we inhabit are our museums... and our book.—Ken Kobland

Screens as part of Ladders and Tracks.

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