The Evil Eyes

Bobby Abate | U.S. | 2010 | 18m
sound | DV

1966 at 4PM.
The soap opera Before Dawn begins:
Will RUTH the matriarch fall victim to her DEATH CURSE?
Will her daughter SUNNY vanish into thin air?
Will her grandson NOEL end his torment by a MYSTERIOUS GHOST...from the future?
        ...on the other side of the TV screen, in the middle of nowhere...
ANNA might die if you pull her away from the TV.
Her daughter LINDA might as well be invisible.
Her grandson LEON might draw MALE MODELS again, if his mother leaves.
The Evil Eyes is an autobiographical revision of the soap opera Dark Shadows. Featuring performances by Guiding Light veteran Tina Sloan, Gyda Arber, Beth Adler, Max Vinocur, Justin Yockel, Mitzi Cassello, and Brendan Solovey. Cinematography by Bradford Young.—Bobby Abate

Screens as part of Looking Through a Glass Onion.

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