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Ernie Gehr | U.S. | 2010 | 12m
color | sound | HD

A tone poem. As haunting as the place where the footage was recorded. An image appears on screen, often with the “memory” (photo-memory) of a previous image/sound.  It messes things up a bit, creates a new configuration. In our everyday lives we do it all the time (project), but here, in this work, it is “created,” and the work takes on a moody, evocative, interpretive character; blurring definitions of objects and spaces, mixing opaque with transparent, large with small, one activity/image/space with another. Often creating a rich tapestry that cannot be totally picked up on a single viewing. Yet for all that, there is still a certain kind of logic and coherence. Ahhh, did I mention the sound?  Or the few times a “singular” image appears on screen? Footage was recorded in Red Hook (Brooklyn, New York).—Ernie Gehr

Screens as part of Ernie Gehr.

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