Silent Springs

Erin Espelie | U.S. | 2011 | 12m 57s
color/b&w | sound | HDCam

Amphibians are among the planet's great survivors . . . [They] have been around not just longer than mammals, say, or birds; they have been around since before there were dinosaurs . . . Currently, a third of all amphibian species . . . are classified as “threatened with extinction.”—Elizabeth Kolbert

Try as we might, we cannot autopsy (from Greek, to see for oneself) the whole natural world. As diversity of life reduces, we further lose the ability to be amphibious (from Greek, to lead dual lives), to be above a surface and below.

In different planes, it may be impossible to achieve focus (from Latin, place of fire, used first by Johannes Kepler as reference to the burning convergence of a lens).
Erin Espelie

Screens as part of Virgin Springs.

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