Señora con Flores / Woman with Flowers

Chick Strand | U.S./Mexico | 1995/2011 | 15m 5s
color | sound | 16mm
restoration by the Academy Film Archive
with the assistance of Eric Strand and Betzy Bromberg

“A Mexican flower seller’s story of personal tragedy is delicately illuminated in an intimate and moving act of portraiture that is both unsettling and liberating. In her final film, Chick Strand mixes brutal heartbreak and palpable joy into a transformative vision of dignity and vitality.

Chick Strand finished the picture and sound edit on this film in 1995, and had planned to complete its post-production along with four other pieces she was working on, once all of them were fully edited. She never completed these other works, and Señora con flores, though finished, still required much post-production work at the time of her passing. In 2011, the Academy Film Archive oversaw the completion of this work.  This involved no creative interpretation or intervention; the film is 100 percent Chick Strand.”—Mark Toscano

Screens as part of The Soul and the Stem.

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