Rendez-Vous with French Cinema—With Directors in Person!

North America’s leading showcase for the best in contemporary French film returns to New York with screenings at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, IFC Center, and the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater.

All films are New York premieres and we are delighted to welcome many of the filmmakers to the screenings. For the full lineup at all venues, please visit

And don't miss these exciting events in the next week, with filmmakers in person:

Mozart's Sister

A dynamic biopic centering on the other musical prodigy in the Mozart family. Guest: Rene Feret

Fri Mar 4, 3:30 PM at Walter Reade | Sat Mar 5, 1:00 PM at IFC Center | Mon Mar 7, 6:15 PM at Walter Reade

Deep in the Woods

Jacquot’s feverish tale concerns a young villager who falls under the spell of a fierce, svengali-like vagabond. Guest: Benoit Jacquot

Fri Mar 4, 7:00 PM at IFC Center | Sat Mar 5, 6:15 PM at Walter Reade | Mon Mar 7, 3:45 PM at Walter Reade

The Sleeping Beauty

In Breillat’s continually surprising take on the fairy tale, the cursed young Anastasia comes of age in her dreams, then awakens to the challenges of adolescent reality. Guest: Catherine Breillat.

Fri Mar 4, 9:15 PM at Walter Reade | Sun Mar 6, 1:00 PM at IFC Center | Tue Mar 8, 1:30 PM at Walter Reade

Think Global, Act Rural

Serreau’s “radical and exhilarating” documentary manifesto digs into the problem of industrialized agriculture, quizzing farmers and philosophers across the globe.

Fri Mar 4, 9:30 PM at IFC Center | Sun Mar 6 at 3:15 PM at Walter Reade


The Long Falling

Martin Provost re-teams with Séraphine star Yolande Moreau for this heartfelt drama, based on Keith Ridgway’s novel. 

Sat Mar 5, 1:00 PM at Walter Reade, | Sun Mar 6, 9:00 PM at IFC Center | Mon Mar 7, 9:15 PM at Walter Reade

From One Film to Another

On the occasion of his 50th year in cinema, Oscar-winning director Claude Lelouch turns his famously swooping, pirouetting camera on himself for this uncommonly revealing auto-portrait.

Sat Mar 5, 3:30 PM at Walter Reade | Sun Mar 6, 11:00 AM at IFC Center

What Love May Bring

A woman reflects on her turbulent youth and all the men she has ever loved in her life in this inimitable romantic epic, which Lelouch calls “a remake of my 41 films,” spanning decades in the love life of a cinema usherette.

Sat Mar 5, 9:00 PM at Walter Reade | Sun Mar 6, 3:15 PM at IFC Center

The Cinema Inside Me: Bertrand Tavernier

In an onstage conversation, Mr. Tavernier (A Sunday in the Country, The Princess of Montpensier) will offer a personal guided tour of key moments in his own history of cinema.

Sun Mar 6, 1:00 PM at Walter Reade

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