Paul Clipson | U.S. | 2011 | 20m
color/b&w | Super 8
with live musical accompaniment by ARP (Alexis Georgopoulos)

A study of movement, color and form in nature and the non-natural environments.—Paul Clipson  

ARP, a/k/a Alexis Georgopoulos, is a composer and artist based in New York. As ARP, he makes liminal, minimal music, often with analog synthesizers and, increasingly, with classical stringed instruments. He is also a member of the recording group THE ALPS and co–founded TUSSLE, a group he departed in 2007. Since 2002, he has performed internationally and has been presented by CHANEL, The Kitchen, PS1, Goethe–Institut, Deitch Projects, MoMA (SF), and the New Museum. He has released work on labels such as DFA, RVNG INTL, Type,Smalltown and Supersound. He has remixed Lindstrøm, Delorean, Lawrence Wiener and Ned Sublette. He has scored dance for Jonah Bokaer (Merce Cunningham Dance Company) and has worked with visual artists Doug Aitken and Tauba Auerbach.

Screens as part of Paul Clipson Super 8 performance.

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