Lingo of the Lost

George Kuchar | U.S. | 2010 | 37m 45s
color | sound | DV

This turbulent and colorful drama about the proud and the profane was made with an international group of students at the school where I've been teaching for many decades: the San Francisco Art Institute. Join this attractive assortment of talented youth as they bring to life a complex tale of alien insemination and CEO conflict in a character congested setting of magic, mystery and mangled literacy! Experience the thrills that only a $600 budget could bring to the screen with such dedicated desperation. Exalt in the excessive excellence of exhausted funds as they funnel into a whirlpool of wonder and weirdness made palpable in a cacophonic cascade of indescribably incoherence. ENJOY!—George Kuchar

Screens as part of George Kuchar.

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