Crystal Palace

Ernie Gehr | U.S. | 2002-11 | 28m
color | sound | HD

An ode to digital interlace, which is to video what intervals between frames are to film.   As I began to work with video, digital interlace seemed to hold the possibilities for a potent, and exciting new form of moving image rendering. Unfortunately, the industry was quick to replace it with “progressive.” After Crystal Palace was completed, the work sat dormant for nearly a decade because its play with interlace could not be projected in progressive mode. Now however, thanks to the help of Thomas Dexter, the interlace of Crystal Palace can finally be shown as it was meant to be seen. Of course, after all this time I couldn’t bypass the opportunity to also revise the work. So, here it is, fresh, improved, and more delightful then ever. Footage was originally recorded at Lake Tahoe in February 2000.—Ernie Gehr

Screens as part of Ernie Gehr.

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