Compound Eyes Nos. 1-5

Paul Clipson | U.S. | 2011 | 27min
color/b&w | sound | Super 8
music by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

A series of short film studies, commissioned by the San Francisco Exploratorium, studying aspects of insect and animal life, viewed within a succession of environments in unexpected ways. Filmed in the Golden Gate Park Botanical Gardens, Academy of Arts & Sciences and San Francisco.—Paul Clipson

1. Compound Eyes
color/b&w, 7m
A macro-menagerie of natural lifeforms are introduced in a forest’s tapestry of earth, water and air: Spiders, slugs, flies, bees, and ants navigate their lives in darkness and light.

2. Odonata
color, 5m
The expectations of damselflies, skyscrapers and all of the indeterminate space between them.

3. Diptera and Lepidoptera
color, 5m
Flies and butterflies pollinate in a series of beautiful landing maneuvers.

4. Araneae
color/b&w, 5m
The fear dream of a spider, a web and a factory.

5. Caridea and Ichthyes
color, 6m
Fish and crustaceans appear to swim within an ether of natural and unnatural energies.

Screens as part of Paul Clipson Super 8 performance.

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