Between Gold

Jonathan Schwartz | U.S. | 2011 | 10m 42s
color | sound | 16mm

of a dividing line, division of light, gestures and glances, a body of water, against two
continents, amongst a time of reflection, in a space that is external, or an internal, and a
moment from Mark Twain’s The Innocents Abroad: “I saw a dog of this kind start to
nibble at a flea—a fly attracted his attention, and he made a snatch at him; the flea called
for him once more, and that forever unsettled him; he looked sadly at his flea-pasture,
then sadly looked at his bald spot. Then he heaved a sigh and dropped his head resignedly
upon his paws. He was not equal to the situation.”—Jonathan Schwartz

Screens as part of Cabinet of Curiosities.

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