Bare Room

Joey Izzo | U.S. | 2011 | 31m 33s
color/b&w | sound | 16mm, Super 8 & Regular 8 transferred to DigiBeta

B-movies, industrial films, TV commercials, home movies, animation, and softcore porn have been collected and reassembled into a fractured noir murder mystery in Bare Room, part of John Zorn’s “Film In 15 Scenes” collection. Through film assemblage practice akin to the works of Bruce Conner and Joseph Cornell, Bare Room orients the viewer within the (dis)associative realm of thematic colleague and self-reflexive imagery. Plot and characters freely dissolve and reform at will, requiring the viewer to concentrate less on narrative coherence and plot solvability. Bare Room champions the mysterious and balks rationality at every turn. (Accompanied by a rhythmic film-sample based score by Ikue Mori)—Joey Izzo

Screens as part of John Zorn: A Film in 15 Scenes.

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