A Year / Ein Jahr

Renate Sami | Germany | 2011 | 12m
color/b&w | sound | MiniDV

A tree seen through the window of my kitchen.
And behind the tree a wall, the stucco old and falling in pieces,
leaving strange abstract forms and designs that changed with the light
according to the time of day and season.

I started to film in early spring and went on through summer, fall and winter. The tree grew leaves and shed them. There was sunshine and rain, hail and a storm, snow and there were birds: I saw a sparrow and heard many others; I heard a blackbird, a pigeon and some crows. There was faint music sometimes and a church bell ringing from very far away. And suddenly one evening behind a window that had always been dark a lamp was turned on and off again.

The film is constructed like a poem.
What would be the end of a line in a poem is here marked by 24 frames of black leader separating one, two or a cluster of images to give it a rhythmic structure.
Renate Sami

Screens as part of Aurand/Muñoz/Sami.

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