The Lusty Men


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Sat, Oct 5


The Lusty Men

Nicholas Ray 1952
USA | Format: 35MM | 113 minutes

Nick Ray made six films (and shot material for several more) for RKO under Howard Hughes, with whom he enjoyed a tumultuous but close relationship. This one, set in the tough, restless world of the rodeo circuit, about “people who want a home of their own,” as Ray himself put it, was to be his last credited film at the studio. It is also one of his very best, and it has become more heartbreakingly lonesome and expressive with each passing year. With Robert Mitchum, Susan Hayward and Arthur Kennedy and a great supporting cast, shot by the great Lee Garmes, and now restored to its full elegiacal beauty. Restored by Warner Brothers in collaboration with The Film Foundation and The Nicholas Ray Foundation.

Series: NYFF51: Revivals

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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