Brothers and Rivals


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Fri, Oct 11


Brothers and Rivals

Michael CameriniShari Robertson 2013
USA | 92 minutes

Filmmakers Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson in person!

Please note: Several hours prior to showtime, tickets will no longer be available for purchase online. Tickets will still be available at the box office.

Because of their work on ground-breaking immigration reform the previous year, Arizona congressmen Jim Kolbe and Jeff Flake both face tough challenges in the 2004 primaries and angry charges of amnesty for illegals. In the new year, their aides join forces with Kennedy and McCain’s staffers in an effort to introduce a whole new bill that combines the best parts of earlier competing bills. If they succeed, it will be the first bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill from both houses to go to Congress.

Series: NYFF51: How Democracy Works Now

Venue: Francesca Beale Theater

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