Ain’t the AFL for Nothin’


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Fri, Oct 11


Ain’t the AFL for Nothin’

Michael CameriniShari Robertson 2013
USA | 80 minutes

Filmmakers Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson in person!

Please note: Several hours prior to showtime, tickets will no longer be available for purchase online. Tickets will still be available at the box office.

September 2003, and Esther is nervous. She’s shopping for a Republican co-sponsor for Kennedy, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska is interested but wants a temporary worker program added to the bill, and the unions don’t like temporary worker programs: in public, they’re pro-immigration, but in private they’re trying to destroy the bill. Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO lobbyist Gerron Levi arranges a meeting between Kennedy and AFL president John Sweeney. Everything rides on this one conversation…

Series: NYFF51: How Democracy Works Now

Venue: Francesca Beale Theater

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