Tension Building



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Tension Building

Ericka Beckman 2012
Format: Apple ProRes | color | sound | 6:50 minutes

Screening as part of the program Circles of Confusion

Tension Building is a composite of linked architectural spaces, some are real and some are models. It combines stop-motion and live-action filmmaking shot at the Harvard University Coliseum in Boston (1935) and the Municipal Stadium in Florence (1932), built in by Luigi Nervi.

I am fascinated by stadium architecture because it is designed to provide two opposite viewing experiences, the visceral direct experience of watching physical action and the passive experience mediated through filters of distance and delay.

The motive for this film came from the question: How can I make a stadium an interactive platform for a game?

The stadium architecture is a closed system, with equal units of measure in all directions and its perfect symmetry. Using my camera as a transit, I surveyed the stadium seating and created some simple rules for the path of my camera and its aim. The result is a motion machine; a stadium that moves along the lines of its design, responding to the  “highs”  and “lows” of the game, through the different stages of warm up, commandant action, to reward and celebration.—E.B.

Percussion: Richard Flanagan- Boston Symphony Orchestra
Featuring the Minute Man Marching Band

Venue: Francesca Beale Theater

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