Strata of Natural History



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Strata of Natural History

Jeannette Munoz 2012
Switzerland/Chile | Format: 16mm | color/b&w | silent | 11:45 minutes

A cut into the strata of history.

In 1881 a group of Kawéskar natives from Tierra del Fuego were exhibited in human zoos across Europe, organized by the merchant of wild animals Carl Hagenbeck from Hamburg. The tour’s final exhibition took place in Zürich in 1882, where most of the Kawéskar already affected by disease finally died.

Double exposure of photographs of Kawéskar natives in Berlin 1881 and the Zoological Garden (2011).

A Greater Rhea from Tierra del Fuego at Berlin Zoological Garden.

Bathers in the monument of Fuente Alemana in Santiago de Chile.

Searching for the Kawéskar natives’ both persisting and invisible traces in Berlin.

Screening as part of the program Doppelganger (The Eternal Return)

Venue: Francesca Beale Theater

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