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Interstitial Project 1-4

Matt McCormick 2012
Format: digital | color | sound | variable minutes

Screening as part of Circles of Confusion on October 5:
Interstitial Project 1 (1:45)
Interstitial Project 2 (2:35)

Screening as part of Doppelganger (The Eternal Return) on October 7:
Interstitial Project 3 (1:55)
Interstitial Project 4 (2:00)

interstitial (in-ter-stish-uhl) adjective. of, forming, or occupying a space—especially a small or narrow one, between things or parts.

The Interstitials Project is a series of very short moving image works that explore the term “interstitial” both conceptually and cinematically.

Visually, the project explores the term from an architectural cinematography standpoint, investigating the relationship between empty space and areas full of structure, and noting the gaps between materials and the inadvertent things that might fill them. Each piece is less than three minutes, consisting of a single shot and a single movement of sound/music created specifically for that image.

Conceptually, the project considers the idea of short film presentation- especially that of the curated shorts program one might find at a film festival or alternative screening event.  Simply put, the pieces are made with an awareness of the short-film curator, and hope to offer a creative opportunity for she or he to place these very short ‘buffer’ pieces between longer works made by other artists.  The Interstitial pieces are not meant to screen sequentially, but intended to be fit between longer films- essentially becoming interstitials themselves and perhaps being an unconscious collaboration between artist and curator.—M.M.

Venue: Francesca Beale Theater

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