Q&A with Michael Moore, “Roger & Me” (NYFF ‘89)

The acclaimed documentary filmmaker came to Film Society to chat with Richard Peña and the audience about his debut feature "Roger & Me." Moore credits he film's screening at the New York Film Festival in 1989 with helping to launch his career. More »

NYFF28: Zhang Yimou’s “Ju Dou”

We celebrate NYFF '90 on Tuesday with this stunning and heartbreaking drama from one of China's foremost masters, which was banned there but would go on to garner the nation's first Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. More »

NYFF27: Michael Moore’s “Roger & Me”

The acclaimed documentary filmmaker will be in person for a Q&A at tomorrow's 8pm screening of his debut feature "Roger & Me" (NYFF '89) about the declining General Motors community in his native Flint, Michigan. More »

NYFF25 & NYFF26: Chan’s “Police Story” & Eastwood’s “Bird”

Tonight we mark the halfway point of our year-by-year survey of the history of the New York Film Festival with two very different films by equally unique cinematic masters: Jackie Chan's "Police Story" (NYFF '87) at 6:15pm and Clint Eastwood's "Bird" (NYFF '88) at 8:30pm. More »

NYFF22: Three Crowns of the Sailor

Raúl Ruiz's dazzling and dreamlike masterpiece from NYFF '84 screens tonight at 8:30pm as part of our ongoing series "50 Years of the New York Film Festival." More »

NYFF20 & NYFF21: Skolimowski’s “Moonlighting” & Tarkovsky’s “Nostalghia”

Our ongoing celebration of the New York Film Festival's 50-year history continues with entries from NYFF '82 and NYFF '83, playing back-to-back on Tuesday at 6:00pm and 8:15pm. More »

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