Time Regained: The Films of Lav Diaz

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One screening per month through February 2015.

At their best, Lav Diaz’s films reveal just how much others leave out. Their protean beauty and moral complexities are matched only by their heroic running times: six hours is a common length, nine hours to be expected. They combine a devout belief in the power of bearing witness to the ebb and flow of quotidian moments with a poetic sense of historical time, the massive and warring abstract forces (governmental, societal, philosophical, spiritual) that conspire to shape daily life.

Diaz is the elder statesman of the New Philippine cinema and his films are haunted by his country’s past. The wounds and defeats of Filipino history loom large in his work, and their broad canvases accommodate both the irreducibility of individual experience and the sweep of time and space. Few, if any, filmmakers have so powerfully shown that cinema is, to quote Andrei Tarkovsky, “sculpting in time.”

As Diaz himself has said, “I would go to any extent in my art to fathom the mystery of humankind’s existence. I want to understand death. I want to understand solitude. I want to understand struggle. I want to understand the philosophy of a growing flower in the middle of a swamp.”

The Film Society is proud to present the most complete American retrospective to date of this major, criminally underseen filmmaker, timed to the release of his latest film, Norte, the End of History (running June 20-26 in an exclusive engagement at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center). The series launches on June 22 with a rare screening of his seven-and-a-half-hour Melancholia (2008) and continues with one screening a month between August 2014 and February 2015.

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Norte, The End of History

Norte, The End of History

Lav Diaz | 2013 | 250 mins

One week exclusive theatrical run!

A careful rethinking of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment shot in blazing color, this tour de force offers a masterful recapitulation of Diaz’s longstanding obsessions: cultural memory, national guilt, and the origin of evil.

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Death in the Land of Encantos

Death in the Land of Encantos

Lav Diaz | 2007 | 540 mins

This film will screen on August 24 at 11:00am. Check back for tickets.

Shot in stark black-and-white in the immediate wake of Super Typhoon Durian, which caused widespread destruction in the Philippines in 2006, Diaz’s eighth feature is an engrossing account of several people responding to the aftermath as they navigate the ravaged Bicol region.

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Past Films



Lav Diaz | 2008 | 450 mins

What starts as the story of a nun, a pimp, and a prostitute and their role-playing games becomes an elegy for the power and imaginative vision of radical politics in Diaz’s contemplative drama, enlivened by strains of black comedy and noir-heavy fatalism.

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