Waking Life


Film runs
Fri, Jan 3
Thu, Jan 9

Waking Life
Richard Linklater, 2001
USA | Format: 35mm | 99 minutes

Jesse and Celine make a brief cameo in Linklater’s visually stunning, mind-bending, wildly discursive exercise in film-as-dream. Waking Life was the first feature film to be entirely rotoscoped: made up of live-action footage animated over frame-by-frame. A puzzled Wiley Wiggins wanders through a shifting dreamworld populated by friends, lovers and strangers, all holding forth on topics ranging from the problem of other minds to the nature of reality and the existence of God. One of Linklater’s most deliriously untapped movies, Waking Life takes place in a world where, in one character’s words, it “seems like everyone’s sleepwalking through their waking state—or wake-walking through their dreams.”

Series: Celine and Jesse Forever

Venue: Walter Reade Theater, Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

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