Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema 2012

Turn off the Lights


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Turn off the Lights
Ivana Mladenovic, 2012
Romania | Romanian | 71 minutes

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Alex, Papan and Versace are released from prison and return to their families. Their readjustment is made harder by the world in which they live in, that of the Roma minority in the suburbs, where sweet words and caresses can turn to physical violence and vicious threats in a split second. Although she keeps her interventions to a minimum, director Ivana Mladenovic’s presence does not go unnoticed, which brings even more relevance to this already relevant documentary: we see the three young men in their natural milieu, as themselves, but also as actors, trying to adjust to a world to which they don't belong. In both parts, Alex, member of a prostitution ring, is most at ease. If you enjoyed Loverboy, directed by Cătălin Mitulescu, the producer of this documentary, you must come see Turn Off the Lights, for its revealing qualities, for a final meeting with the late Papan Chilibar, but most importantly, for a glimpse of a world in which only one thing is missing: hope.

Series: Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema 2012

Venue: Film Center Amphitheater

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