The Undocumented


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The Undocumented
Marco Williams, 2013
USA | English and Spanish with English subtitles | 88 minutes

New York premiere & Q&A with filmmaker!

The Undocumented tells the story of Marcos Hernandez, an undocumented Mexican living and working in Chicago. Marcos came to the United States, crossing through the Sonora Desert in southern Arizona. Chronicled over the course of Arizona’s deadly summer months, the film weaves Marcos’ search for his father with the efforts of humanitarians and Border Patrol agents who try to prevent migrant deaths, medical investigators and the Mexican Consulate who work to identify dead border crossers, and Mexicans who struggle to accept the loss of a family member.

Series: Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2013

Venue: Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

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