The Iron Ministry


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Fri, Sep 26
Sun, Oct 12

The Iron Ministry
J.P. Sniadecki, 2014
USA | Mandarin with English subtitles | Format: DCP | 82 minutes

Encore screening added on October 12

Q&A with director J.P. Sniadecki on October 5

This thrilling new film from J.P. Sniadecki (People’s Park, Foreign Parts), shot over three years during a series of train journeys across China, begins with metal: the sounds and sights of gears, wheels on tracks and linked railway cars meshing, crunching, and grinding. We are gradually introduced to the people who ride and work on the cars, with their luggage, their produce, the products they’re hawking, the goods they’re transporting. People are crammed into every corner of every train car, with the exception of a first-class compartment from which the filmmaker is barred. At one point, Sniadecki follows a food vendor from one end of a train to another, as he nonchalantly makes his way through a sea of humanity so thick and ungainly that the very idea of negotiating it seems impossible. Little by little, the passengers begin to speak about their country, their lives, their dreams for the future.

Series: NYFF52 Encore Screenings

Venue: Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

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