The Golden Fortress


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The Golden Fortress
Sonar kella | Satyajit Ray, 1974
India | 120 minutes

Besides directing and composing musical scores, the multitalented Ray was also known for a well-liked series of detective novels he had written since the mid-Sixties. In his spectacularly set first adaptation of the Detective Feluda mysteries, a boy (the precocious Kushal Chakravarti) has flashbacks to a grand Rajasthan fortress from a previous life. The possibility of treasure lures a pair of unsavory thieves, and the curious Feluda (Soumitra Chatterjee) is launched on a delightful adventure, which Variety at the time advanced as an example to Hollywood. Print courtesy of the Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection at the Academy Film Archive.

Series: Long Shadows: The Late Work of Satyajit Ray

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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