The Days I Don’t Exist


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The Days I Don’t Exist
Les Jours où je n’existe pas | Jean-Charles Fitoussi, 2002
France | French | Format: 35mm w/ electronic subtitles | 114 minutes

North American premiere! Q&A with Jean-Charles Fitoussi at April 14 screening.

Antoine Martin, a seemingly ordinary Parisian man, lives with an unusual condition: he only exists every other day, disappearing into thin air at the stroke of midnight and materializing again 24 hours later. So, for Antoine, the present is particularly precious, all the more so when he falls in love with the beautiful Clémentine. But can a man who doesn’t fully exist ever find true happiness? Loosely adapted from a Marcel Aymé short story that was itself inspired by a Nathaniel Hawthorne diary entry, director Jean-Charles Fitoussi’s poetic sci-fi romance is one of the most original and memorable debut features of recent years.

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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