Only Lovers Left Alive


Film runs
Thu, Oct 10
Sat, Oct 12

Only Lovers Left Alive
Jim Jarmusch, 2013
USA | English | 123 minutes

Director Jim Jarmusch and actors Tilda Swinton and Jeffrey Wright in person on October 10!

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston make a dashing and very literal first couple—centuries-old lovers Eve and Adam—in Jim Jarmusch’s wry, tender take on the vampire genre. When we first meet the pair, he’s making rock music in Detroit while she’s hanging out with an equally ageless Christopher Marlowe (John Hurt) in Tangiers. (Long-distance spells aren’t such a big deal when you’ve been together throughout hundreds of years.) Between sips of untainted hospital-donated blood, they struggle with depression and an ever-changing world, reflect on their favorite humans (Buster Keaton, Albert Einstein, Jack White) and watch time go by, each finding stability in the other. A Sony Pictures Classics release.

Series: NYFF51: Official Selection

Venue: Alice Tully Hall

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