Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema 2012

Of Snails and Men


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Of Snails and Men
Despre oameni şi melci | Tudor Giurgiu, 2012
Romania | Romanian | 100 minutes

Opening Night! Director Tudor Giurgiu and actors Monica Bîrlădeanu and Andi Vasluianu in person!

A group of desperate workers come up with the crazy idea of donating sperm in order to save their car factory from bankruptcy and, consequently, from being privatized. The official story is that some French investors will take over the plant and convert it into a snail cannery. But the stark truth is that they will just sell the big machines for big money and disappear. What follows is a hilarious crusade that ends up leaving no room for dreams—which is ironic, because in the beginning of the ‘90s, fresh out of the communist regime, Romanians thought that anything was possible. This Full Monty-like bittersweet comedy is based on a real story from that era, at the exact time when the King of Pop visited Romania, had a blast of a concert and left for good—meaning that there was no viable American Dream to back up the faith of those trying to make it back then.

Series: Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema 2012

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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