No Rest for the Brave


Film runs Fri, Jan 24 through Wed, Jan 29.

Fri, Jan 24


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No Rest for the Brave
Pas de repos pour les braves | Alain Guiraudie, 2003
France | Format: 35mm | 107 minutes

Director Alain Guiraudie in person for Q&A on January 24!

Basil (Thomas Suire), a teenager stuck in a listless corner of the French countryside, becomes convinced that he’ll die if he sleeps another night—and so resolves to stay awake forever. A massacre, a cross-generational love affair, a pool-hall dance, a gaggle of gangsters, a spell of identity-swapping: the rest of Guiraudie’s first full-length feature exists in a fragile, perilous space between reality and dream, at once firmly rooted in the flora, fauna and regional slang of working-class rural France and governed by a strange, magical logic all its own. No Rest for the Brave remains one of Guiraudie’s most adventurous attempts to conflate the extraordinary with the everyday.

Series: Alain Guiraudie: King of Escape

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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