New French Shorts


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New French Shorts
Court-métrages | Various Directors,
France | French | 98 minutes

Wonderful things can sometimes come in very small packages, as this prize-winning selection of provocative short films from France amply demonstrates. See tomorrow’s auteurs today!

As the Rain Was Falling / En attendant que la pluie cesse
Charlotte Joulia, 2008, France; 9m

Cul de bouteille
Jean-Claude Rozec, 2010, France; 7m

Sébastien Laudenbach, 2010, France; 11m

Les Grands-Mères
Frédéric Malègue, 2010, France; 13m

Julien Hallard, 2010, France; 18m

Hurlement d’un poisson
Sébastien Carfora, 2010, France; 20m

Rudi Rosenberg, 2010, France; 20m

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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