Magical Words (Breaking a Spell)


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Fri, Jul 19
Sun, Jul 21

Magical Words (Breaking a Spell)
Palabras mágicas (Para romper un encantamiento) | Mercedes Moncada, 2012
Guatemala/Mexico | Spanish with English subtitles | 83 minutes

New York Premiere! FIlmmaker in person for Q&A!

Moncada lived in Nicaragua for 18 years and, as a child in 1979, witnessed the triumph of the Sandinista revolution. In this, her fourth film (her first two showcased at past editions of Latinbeat), she uses Lake Managua as a metaphor for what her beloved Nicaragua has gone through, and has become, since this pivotal and promising moment in the country’s history. 
As she traces the changes undergone by the Sandinista movement since the revolution, Moncada weaves herself into the story—her own dreams, love, and pain at every historic step.  Her relationship to the revolution is intense and personal and so her feelings about it progress as it does, “from a childhood in which death is romantic and heroic to the deepest and most beautiful love, the pain of loss, betrayal and finally a void.” A poignant and engaging personal perspective on the Nicaraguan revolution.

Series: Latinbeat 2013

Venue: Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

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