New York Jewish Film Festival 2012

Lost Love Diaries


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Lost Love Diaries
Yasmine Novak, 2011
Israel | Hebrew, English and Dutch with English subtitles | 53 minutes

Iraq 'N' Roll director Gili Gaon in person at both shows!

On the morning of her wedding day, Ellis receives a package in the mail. It contains a diary kept by the first love of her life, Bernie, during his time underground in World War II. When Bernie did not return, Ellis married another man and moved with him to Palestine. She kept the diary hidden for 65 years until her historian daughter prevailed upon her to read it and try to find out what happened to Bernie. This gripping documentary is a combination detective story and love saga.


Iraq 'N' Roll | Gili Gaon | Israel
2011 | 52m | Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Popular Israeli rock musician Dudu Tassa embarks on a mission to revive his grandfather’s traditional Iraqi songs by remixing the tunes for contemporary listeners. Salah and his brother Daud al-Kuwaiti were highly acclaimed Jewish musicians in 1930s Iraq. They arrived in Israel in the 1950s and found they were unknown and unappreciated. In this musical documentary, Tassa engages in a labor of love to research and perform his family’s musical past. New York Premiere!

Series: New York Jewish Film Festival 2012

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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