Little Nellie Kelly


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Little Nellie Kelly
Norman Taurog, 1940
USA | Format: 35mm | 100 minutes

“It’s good, clean fun…’a family picture.’ And in this classification, it’s tops…. It holds up throughout because of Judy’s splendid work”—Modern Screen

Against father Charles Winninger’s wishes, daughter Judy weds aspiring police officer George Murphy and immigrates to America. When the young woman dies in childbirth, her daughter (also Judy) must contend with the still-obstreperous grandfather.

The film includes Garland’s only movie death scene; Roger Edens’ instant classic “It’s A Great Day for the Irish”; such standard Garland fare as “Singin’ in the Rain” and “A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow”; and a fine staging of George M. Cohan’s sweeping “Nellie Kelly, I Love You.”

Series: Judy Garland: All Singin’, All Dancin’, All Judy

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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