New York Jewish Film Festival 2013

Kol Nidre


Film runs
Thu, Jan 10
Sun, Jan 13

Kol Nidre
Joseph Seiden, 1939
USA | Yiddish with English subtitles | 88 minutes

U.S. Premiere of Restored Print!

This musical melodrama tells the story of Jenny, a young woman torn between two childhood boyfriends. Refusing to marry Joseph, who has become a rabbi, she elopes instead with Jack, an actor who makes her pregnant and eventually abandons her. Brought to the brink of disaster, Jenny is rescued by community, love, and Judaism. Surprisingly risqué for its time, Kol Nidre is a rousing tearjerker that explores assimilation, cultural identity, family, and generational conflict, gender roles, and marital expectations. Restoration and new English subtitles by the National Center for Jewish Film.

Series: New York Jewish Film Festival 2013

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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