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Keep on Rolling: The Fantasy of the Automobile


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Keep on Rolling: The Fantasy of the Automobile
Sobre Ruedas | Óscar Clemente, 2011
Spain | Spanish with English subtitles | Format: Blu-ray | 56 minutes

Combining interviews, archival footage and animation, Keep on Rolling is a spirited look at our addiction to the automobile and the way it has changed our living environment. City planners and psychologists discuss how our internal and external landscape is altered as the number of autos per capita has skyrocketed leaving less and less room for people.

Screening with:
Ciclovia, Bogotá, Columbia
Clarence Eckerson Jr. | USA | 2007 | 10m

Produced by Streetfilms, this short documents the successful weekly street closures in Bogotá and the burst of life they give the city. Clarence Eckerson Jr. and Streetfilms founder Mark Gorton in person!

Series: Green Screens: Cinema Planeta

Venue: Film Center Amphitheater

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