NewFest 2012

Jobriath A.D.


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Jobriath A.D.
Kieran Turner, 2012
USA | English | Format: Digital | 103 minutes

Director Kieran Turner in person July 28!

Few today remember the story of Jobriath, a brilliantly talented New York rocker whom Elektra Records marketed to glam rock fans as an authentically gay American David Bowie. But what could have been a turning point for music became a cautionary tale as 1970's audiences and critics rejected the flamboyant performer. Jobriath’s music later influenced performers like Morrissey (who called Jobriath his favorite singer), Ann Magnuson, Def Leppard, Marc Almond, and Okkervil River. Director Kieran Turner painstakingly traces Jobriath's fascinating life from his childhood to his untimely death, using rare archival footage and interviews with the singer's closest friends.

Series: NewFest 2012

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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