Find Me Guilty


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Find Me Guilty
Sidney Lumet, 2006
USA | Format: Digital | 124 minutes

Lumet returns to the courtroom with this underrated drama, starring Vin Diesel as the goofy but charismatic mobster who surprisingly represents himself in court. Mining the longest running trial in U.S. history as rich fodder for both comedy and drama, Lumet returns to the courtroom with this deceptively lighthearted and fascinating take on the legal system. A winning and sincere Vin Diesel, sporting both hair and a gut, stars as wise-cracking Jackie Dee, the goofy yet charismatic mobster who surprisingly chooses to represent himself in court. Featuring dialogue too good to have been written, pulled straight from court transcripts.

Series: Prince of the City: Remembering Sidney Lumet

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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