Far From Afghanistan


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Far From Afghanistan
John Gianvito, Jon Jost, Minda Martin, Travis Wilkerson, Soon-Mi Yoo, 2012
USA/Afghanistan | 129 minutes

Director John Gianvito in person for Q&A!

“Unless you have a personal connection to it,” said filmmaker John Gianvito upon the premiere of Far From Afghanistan, “you can go weeks or months with almost no cognizance that we’re involved in a major war.” Gianvito’s modern update of Far From Vietnam consists of five brief vignettes (each the work of a different director) focused on guilt-ridden troops, shattered families, and indifferent Americans, interspersed with on-the-ground interviews with Afghan civilians. Far from Afghanistan depicts a nation blind to the longest war in its own history, and a soldiery trained to follow orders whose basis and justification remain unknown. 

Series: Cinema of Resistance

Venue: Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

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