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Fecha de caducidad | Kenya Marquez, 2011
Mexico | Format: 35mm | 111 minutes

Opening Night! Director Kenya Marquez, producer Karla Uribe, and actor Damian Alcazar in person!

Delving in Buñuel's dark territories, with a touch of Ripstein's grotesque, Kenya Marquez's feature debut engages and confounds as it alludes to the violence shaking Mexico today. Ramona (Ana Ofelia Murguia) suspects a stranger she meets at the morgue is responsible for the disappearance of her only son. While she looks for him all over Guadalajara, a suspicious looking young lady (Marisol Centeno) moves into her building, providing new leads. But not all is what it seems in this intriguing and suspenseful black comedy of shifting viewpoints starring the great Damian Alcazar. 

Adentrándose en territorios Buñuelescos, con un toque grotesco de Ripstein, la ópera prima de Kenya Marquez hace referencia indirecta a la violencia que sacude a México hoy. Cuando una mujer extraña se muda a su edificio, ella cree haber encontrado algunas pistas. Pero no todo es lo que parece en esta comedia negra llena de suspenso e intriga protagonizada por el gran Damian Alcazar. Kenya Marquez, directora, Karla Uribe, productora, Damian Alcazar, actor, estarán presentes.

Series: Latinbeat 2012

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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