Drunken Master 2


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Sun, Jun 23
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Drunken Master 2
Jui kuen II | Lau Kar-leung , Jackie Chan, 1994
Hong Kong | Cantonese with English Subtitles | Format: 35mm | 102 minutes

Filmed at the peak of Chan’s prime, sixteen years after his breakout turn in Drunken Master, this transcendent pairing of classic Shaw Brothers director Lau Kar-leung and Jackie Chan resulted in what many claim to be the greatest martial arts film ever made. In this take on the legend of Wong Fei-hung, Chan shares the screen with the great Ti Lung and also Anita Mui, who almost steals the show as his motor-mouthed stepmother. The plot revolves around Fei-hung’s attempts to foil a foreign syndicate trafficking in ancient Chinese artifacts, but the film’s jaw-dropping kung-fu sequences need little explanation. Lush, opulent, and made with no consideration for budget or schedule, it took three months just to shoot the final action scene.

Photos: Golden Harvest/Paragon/The Kobal Collection/ Robert Lam 

Series: The Jackie Chan Experience

Venue: Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

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