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Jean-Jacques Beineix, 1981
France | Format: 35mm | 117min minutes

Special-delivery postman Jules (Frédéric Andréi) finds himself on the run all across Paris after making a pirated tape recording of the object of his obsession:  the never-recorded opera super-star Cynthia Hawkins (played by real-life opera star Wilhelmenia Fernandez). Among the pursuers: a drug kingpin, Taiwanese music pirates, and the Paris police. Is everyone that crazy for opera, or could something else have slipped into Jules’s mail pouch by mistake? Longtime assistant director Beineix’s debut was an international arthouse sensation, playing for over a year in some cinemas, nabbing four French César awards (including Best Film) and single-handledly launching the punk-inspired cinéma du look movement, whose subsequent exponents included Leos Carax and the young Luc Besson.

Series: 15 For 15: Celebrating Rialto Pictures

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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