Dead Man


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Sat, Apr 5
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Dead Man
Jim Jarmusch, 1995
USA/Germany/Japan | Format: 35mm | 121 minutes

Jarmusch’s career took a decisive turn with what has come to be recognized as his masterpiece: a hypnotic, parable-like revisionist Western about the spiritual rebirth of a dying 19th-century accountant (Johnny Depp) named William Blake (no relation—or is there?). Guiding Blake through a treacherous landscape of U.S. Marshals, cannibalistic bounty hunters, shady missionaries, and cross-dressing fur traders is Nobody (Gary Farmer), a Plains Indian who becomes, over the course of the film, one of the most fully realized Native American characters in recent cinema. (Jarmusch peppered the film with in-jokes and untranslated bits of dialogue aimed squarely at Native American viewers.) For all its metaphysical trappings, Dead Man doubles as a barbed reflection on America’s treatment of its indigenous people and a radical twist on the traditional myth of the American West.

Screening with:

Neil Young – Dead Man Score
Jim Jarmusch | 5m

Series: Permanent Vacation: The Films of Jim Jarmusch

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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