Columbia University Film Festival 2013

CUFF 2013: Program H


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CUFF 2013: Program H
90 minutes

Aigua Gelida
Ferran Mendoza Soler | Spain | Catalan with English subtitles | 2013 | HDCAM | 15m

Merce, an arrogant and introverted woman of 50, is tempted by desire when Captain Carlos starts courting her.

The Banishing
Erlingur Thoroddsen | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 10m

Two sisters take the supernatural into their own hands.

Double Header
Jesse Gustafson | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 13m

Wise-cracking, death obsessed Senior drags his son to back-to-back funerals and reignites their strained relationship.

Little Shadow
Toby Fell-Holden | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 18m

A teenage boy attempts to put into practice his father's conception of masculinity when left to fend for himself amongst agroup of older kids.

John Foss | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 12m

Freedom is taken by the bold.

Escape from Planet Tar
Luigi Campi | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 22m

Loneliness is solitude with a problem.

Series: Columbia University Film Festival 2013

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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