Columbia University Film Festival 2013

CUFF 2013: Program B


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CUFF 2013: Program B
86 minutes

David Figueroa García | Mexico | Spanish with English subtitles | 2013 | HDCAM | 25m
Lázaro’s infatuation with his boss’ daughter becomes an obsession when the hierarchies of the house shift and might allow him to act on his desire.

Mike De Caro | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 19m

In a world ruled by infected flesh-eating humans, a former Wall Street trader, Joseph, loots an infested bank to cash in on a world crisis.

Socks and Bonds
Daniel Zimbler | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 17m

Determined to make a fresh start, a middle-aged couple ventures out to the Hamptons to sell the next big thing in hosiery and undergarments.

Raymond Yeung | USA | English, Mandarin, Cantonese with English subtitles | 2013 | HDCAM | 11m

A Chinese teenager is left alone in a Community Center where he encounters a handsome man which leads to a discovery that shatters his innocence.

No One But Lydia
Rob Richert | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 14m

Arif, a scheming teenager, misses his ex-girlfriend Lydia. He will need his stoner friends' help to enact an elaborate heist for sincere albeit misguided, love.

Series: Columbia University Film Festival 2013

Venue: Walter Reade Theater

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