City Hunter


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City Hunter
Sing Si Lip Yan | Wong Jing, 1993
Hong Kong | Cantonese with English Subtitles | Format: 35mm | 105 minutes

Directed by Hong Kong’s King of the Box Office, Wong Jing, City Hunter is packed with insane action and ridiculous comedy. The disappearance of a newspaper tycoon’s daughter brings Chan’s easygoing private sleuth and his lovelorn sidekick (Joey Wang) onboard a luxury cruise liner that soon becomes the target of a gang of hostage-taking terrorists. Wong spins this Die Hard-on-a-boat scenario into a series of outrageous set-pieces, including a deadly card game and a self-referential movie-theater brawl that finds Chan imitating the moves of an onscreen Bruce Lee. Eventually, it goes so far over the top that you can’t even see the top anymore, climaxing with the legendary Street Fighter tribute beat down between Chan and Gary Daniels.

Photo: Golden Harvest/The Kobal Collection 

Series: The Jackie Chan Experience

Venue: Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

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