Film runs
Sat, Apr 19
Wed, Apr 23

Davi Pretto, 2014
Brazil | Portuguese with English subtitles | Format: DCP | 95 minutes

North American Premiere!

Filmmaker Davi Pretto in person for Q&A on April 19!

Davi Pretto’s first feature-length film chronicles the daily life of João Carlos Castanha, a middle-aged, single, ailing actor who supports both himself and his live-in mother by working as a cross-dressing nightclub MC. When in drag, Castanha plays the part of a larger-than-life scoundrel, verbally assailing the clientele while also enjoying periodic visits from friends backstage. On the side, Castanha finds work as an extra in film productions and taking bit parts in small plays. His greatest roles, and greatest loves, are in the past, making way for his repressed memories to take over, and finally allowing the line between his experience of reality and fantasy to blur, as the film takes haunting and confounding turns.

Travel support provided by Agência Nacional do Cinema (Ancine).

Series: Art of the Real 2014

Venue: Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

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